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Director of Human Resources
Arrowhead Hospital  - Glendale, AZ
Non Clinical Administrative
Department administrator. Establishes and enforces policies, procedures, standards and objectives. Directs and supervises staff as well as workflow. Position has budgetary or fiscal accountability. Provides for the ongoing effective operation of the Human Resources department deliverables and leadership to support the organization's mission, vision, goals and objectives. Develops and interpret ... Read More
Abrazo Region  - Phoenix, AZ
Non Clinical Administrative
HR professional specialized in general HR functions. Participates in various aspects of Human resources programs, coordinating programs or activities as assigned. Areas of responsibility include general HR functions, workers compensation, leave management, employee relations, training and development and rewards and recognition programs. Facilitates the resolution of various Human Resources pro ... Read More

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Our mission and goal is to help people achieve Health for Life in the communities we serve. Leading by example, as of August 1, 2012, Abrazo Health will no longer hire individuals who are tobacco or nicotine users and all job offers will be contingent on a negative nicotine screen. If you are currently a tobacco or nicotine user, we encourage you to cease use of these products for the health of yourself and your family. Once you have become tobacco and nicotine free, we hope you will consider applying for a position at Abrazo Health.

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